NYVO - your special service in Vienna

NYVO - your special service in Vienna

Your internet on wheels

The main motivation for creating the company is a visible need for fast and reliable transportation services of all kinds. The free internet access offers our passengers SOMETHING SPECIAL: our clients can keep working as they travel and can always be reached.

For example, our company can offer in-vehicle services such as free internet access (WLAN) to our customers as well as the use of a Tablet on request.

The aim of our business activity is to focus always and solely on the needs of our customers.

Our company operates exclusively as a reputable "taxi” (executive transportation) company and is staffed entirely by professionals.

People looking to get quickly and reliably from A to B without using their own car, and without having to keep an eye on the departure times of public transport, usually choose a local and punctual taxi company. A "taxi” service ensures maximum mobility, at any given time.

We consider our services to be all about creating and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

The features and principles of our rental car company are: Flexibility, organisational competence, and the joy of dealing with customers.